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become a Valued Participant in the 2022 Virtual Mind, Body & Spirit Festival

This year’s theme is Manifesting a Magical Life

Help people to rediscover their own Inner Strength and Guidance, while empowering them to uplift their spirits and reach for a life that fills their soul with joy. They need you now more than ever.

You can make a difference in many lives by participating in the Worldwide Virtual Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in 2022

The recent pandemic has been a difficult 2 years for much of the world. And even before that, many were looking for a connection to something bigger than what they could see. We have watched people struggle and flounder even more so in the fallout of the pandemic.

So our next Virtual Mind, Body, Spirit Festival is being held September 23-25, and we’d love you to take part.

The theme this year is Manifesting a Magical Life.

Sprinkle a little magic in somebody’s life…

This is an event on a worldwide scale and will bring together a new audience that you most likely haven’t been exposed to previously. Across the USA, Canada, UK, NZ and Australia.

The audience is English speaking and while any age group is welcome, from past experience more women over 35 will be participating.

This Festival gives you the opportunity to expand your reach and offer a valuable optin for your next project.

Not only will it provide authority for your business, but it will offer a compassionate platform for your brand to incorporate. In this day and age that’s a priceless offer as there are many money grabbing so-called self-help brands appearing across the internet at this time, that offer the world, yet deliver very little.

We’ll help your message stand out.

How we Envision the Festival Unfolding

We are bringing together talented people from all over the world to talk, demonstrate and give workshops to participants, that will help them to rediscover their own inner magic to manifest a life they love. This is our plan to empower people and also help alleviate the depression, relationship, and emotional fallout from the COVID experience that has only just begun to surface.

You have a choice as to how to contribute. In an interview style like a summit, as a demonstration such as a class, or a workshop such as breath work, meditation, music and more.

The 30-minute interviews, workshops or demonstrations can be either pre-recorded or be held live, depending on your preference. Both live and pre-recorded events will be available for replays as the audience will be tuning in from all around the world.

It’s free to participate. We already have a website at www.virtualmindbodyspiritfestival.com for people to sign up as audience, and the ads will begin shortly.

By the end of the festival, the participants will have a greater sense of how they can manifest a magical life and they will be aware of their own needs and patterns, with newfound inspiration on their path forward.

(Full Disclosure – all sessions will be available to the public for 24 hours after the interview, workshop or demonstration has aired and then will only be available through VIP membership. Any participants that sign up through your affiliate email link will give you monetary rewards. Excerpts of your interview, quotes and photo may be used to advertise the event.)

What You’ll Get From Taking Part in the Virtual Mind, Body, Spirit Festival:

  • A Fun, exciting environment of adoring fans
  • Worldwide exposure for yourself and your business
  • Advertising for your next project
  • An asset – Copy of the recording of interview, workshop or demonstration to use on your own website in the future
  • Opportunity to place yourself as an expert in your field and clarify your message to the world – connect with a new audience
  • Admiration from your audience
  • VIP Access to all material for the next 12 months

Monetary Rewards

  • Affiliate rewards for VIP memberships 40%
  • 50% reward if a gift is supplied (Gift is with no optin attached)


About the Organizers –

6 Dimensions of Healing

6 dimensions of Healing

Allan and Gayle Herring

As natural health practitioners in a busy bricks and mortar business (Stewart Natural Health) for over 15 years, we’ve seen over 40,000 clients who we’ve had the privilege to help reduce pain and discover a better life.

We believe the story of every human being can be improved. Most people are not as happy and fulfilled as they’d like to be. So we write, think and speak about manifesting a happy, inspired life so that others can aspire to live a life of their dreams.

If the path to happiness is made simple, more people will be able to live a life they love.

There has never been a better time to help people find their inner magic.

    Our Motivation:

    The motivation for this festival comes from our core beliefs of:

    Respect & Understanding: Everyone has a valuable contribution they can make to the world and it’s when they realize their own value that they begin to shine.

    Empowerment: Every person deserves to feel the power of the Universe working with them. It’s only when they feel empowered that they can create a future they love.

    Commitment: Not everything works according to plan in life, sometimes it’s easy to give up on your dreams, so we’re prepared to go with their flow and do what it takes to help people who are ready, pivot as much as necessary.

    Are You Ready?

    If you’re ready to grow your business in 2022 as a pillar of strength in the areas of spiritual connection and manifestation, then you’ll want to reply to this email quickly.

    Last year was a 10-day event extravaganza (and a huge amount of work) but this year we are creating a tighter, more focused experience over 3 days.

    Once all of the time-slots are taken, we will be full for this year. So get in quickly to choose your live time. Or say yes to an interview and we can begin pre-recording.

    Click here to reply now.

    If you have any questions you can send an email above or schedule a time slot to talk on the Calendly link here.

    I’m excited to welcome you onboard for this exciting event.



    Join us for the second Virtual Mind, Body, Spirit Festival online.
    It seems that virtual festivals are here to stay.