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Every performer has specifically designed their presentation for you to take part.  No sitting on the sidelines here (unless you really want to). Even though you’re at home, you’re encouraged to participate. Both in the Zoom Rooms and in the Facebook Group.

Scavenger Hunt

We’ve organized a Scavenger Hunt throughout the Festival. Have a look now. There are things to find and questions to answer. Plus we’ll add on the points you accumulated from the Referral Competition and from the movie you’re going to make. 

You don’t need to register for the Scavenger Hunt!


Make a Movie for Us

During the Festival we’d love to know what you’ve enjoyed and what’s been your biggest takeaway. So we have a Festival Movie Booth set up for you so that you can be the star of your own 2-minute movie.  (Or if you’re camera shy, just write it in the FB group) 

Just click on the link below and you can record for 2 minutes.

Oh, and it’s a part of the Scavenger Hunt!

virtual mind body spirit festival

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The 10-Day Life Reset Challenge is more than just watching and hoping for things to change. It’s establishing those new patterns with support and accountability.

Redefine your Goals
Discover your Purpose
Ignite your Passion

In just 10 Days throughout the Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival you can Press the Reset Button and make it stick.

Look at what’s happening…

Spirit Guide Drawings
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Virtual Labyrinth
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Movement Workshops
Energy Healing
Spiritual Wisdom & Guidance
Psychic Readings
Sound Healing
Angel Guidance
Gratitude Circles
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Plus Fire Ceremony, Music, Games, and Bonuses!

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