Mark Youngblood

Inner Mastery

Mark Youngblood is devoted to to elevating human consciousness and promoting spiritual growth, individually and collectively. He is the founder and CEO of Inner Mastery, Inc., providing Executive Coaching for business leaders and Transformational Life Coaching and Inner Mastery Transformational Training for the public.

Mark is an internationally recognized speaker and author, and his latest of three books is Dear Human, Master Your Emotions. He has been practicing transformational coaching and teaching the Inner Mastery methods for more than 25 years. He is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the creator of the Quantum Clearing System™ for transforming energy patterns along with many other transformational techniques and practices. Through his Pathway to Radiance online programs, he empowers people to heal their emotional wounding and clear their blocks and limitations so you can Love Yourself, create a Life you Love, and shine your Inner Light on the World! 

Download your ‘Drain the Pain’ technique from Mark, here.

Rich Smith Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival

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Richard Smith

Metaphysical Filmmaker & Spiritual Life Coach

Rich Smith has been a filmmaker from the young age of 26 when he was drawn towards creating independent films that could make a difference in people’s lives. 

This has led to him being known as the Metaphysical Filmmaker.

But Rich wasn’t always successful. There were times of struggle when it was difficult to put food on the table. It was during this dark time that he surrendered to the Universe and asked for guidance.

What he was given over a two-year period were 52 Spiritual Principles for living your life. He was drip-fed these from Source when he needed them most. From these principles, Rich now helps struggling artists to heal all aspects of their life, even in their darkest times.

As Filmmaker and Spiritual Life Coach, Rich dedicates his life to learning about the nature of what he refers to as “Infinite Intelligence.”  These are the foundations of his teachings that people enjoy when they become a part of his inner circle, so that they can create joy, success and happiness through the lens of a filmmaker.

Download Rich’s 5 Spiritual Principles here

Tom Garcia Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival

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Dr Tom Garcia

Shaman – Fire Ceremony

Dr Tom Garcia is a shamanic teacher and mentor-coach with a unique gift for helping you quickly and easily clear away the blocks that keep you from reaching your dreams and make the changes to create a life you love.

With the help of the mystical guides who led him to his own spiritual awakening, Tom’s clear guidance and gentle presence leads you past fear and uncertainty to clarity and peace.

He helps you awaken, strengthen and deepen your connection within to find the answers you seek and fulfill your deepest reason for being—with joy.


Awakening you to live with passion and purpose to create a life you love.