Amber J Lawson Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival

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Amber J Lawson

Find your Purpose through the goddess Within

Amber J Lawson is a master mindset facilitator for women who want to up-level their joy, step into their power, and transform their life. As a powerhouse Entrepreneur and Evocator, Amber J created and founded Goddess Process, a conscious company for women to explore their gifts and innate wisdom within an experiential learning environment.

As part of Amber J’s vision for peace on earth within her lifetime and her mission to do good at scale, she is also the founder and CEO of Good Amplified, and co-founder and CEO of Comedy Gives Back. She has been at the cutting edge of the digital landscape, honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by Cynopsis Women in Digital, Top 50 Women in Digital, PGA Top 25 in Digital, and the NATPE Luminary Award as a Digital Media Maven.

Amber J is a sought-after speaker at corporations and events, she hosts webinars and intensive masterminds, and she creates clarity and accountability for her community and their life-fulfilling goals and inspiration to achieve them.

Creator of the Goddess Process

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Dr Joan Rosenberg Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival

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Dr Joan Rosenberg

Cultivate Lasting Confidence

Dr Joan Rosenberg is a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, consultant, media expert and master clinician. She is a cutting-edge psychologist who is known globally as an innovative thinker, acclaimed speaker and master trainer.

As a two-time TEDx speaker and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, she has been recognized for her thought leadership and global influence in personal development. Dr. Rosenberg has been a featured expert in multiple documentaries, and on tv, radio, digital and print media.

A California-licensed psychologist, Dr. Rosenberg speaks on how to build confidence, emotional strength, and resilience; how to achieve emotional, conversational and relationship mastery; how to integrate neuroscience and psychotherapy; and suicide prevention. An Air Force veteran, she is a professor of graduate psychology at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, CA.

Her latest book, 90 Seconds to a Life You Love: How to Master Your Difficult Feelings to Cultivate Lasting Confidence, Resilience and Authenticity, was released February 2019.

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What is a Labyrinth?

A meditation labyrinth has one meandering path leading to a center. There are no dead ends, nor wrong turns in these patterns. When you keep walking forward you are assured of success in reaching the center. Walking this type of labyrinth is a metaphor for our life. We traverse many twists and turns on our journey through life until we reach the center. Walking a meditation labyrinth can reveal our Soul’s deepest purpose. Labyrinth walking allows us to make quantum leaps in personal evolution. As a personal ceremony, it brings greater happiness and health.

Chuck Hunner Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival

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Chuck Hunner

Virtual Labyrinth Walk

Chuck Hunner is a Master Labyrinth Creator and Facilitator.  His first encounter with a labyrinth over 20 years ago on a beach in Florida brought instant calm. From that time, walking a labyrinth has always brought him peace and clarity.

Since then Chuck has facilitated many labyrinth walks. He and his teams have built 24 full-sized replicas of the 800-year-old Chartres labyrinth in concrete; at churches, hospitals, and Universities. 

He experiences labyrinth meditation as an activity that enhances creativity, helps to heal trauma, and allows you to relax after a hard day at work. Walking, drawing, and tracing the winding path create a more centered, confident,  and coherent mind. Clear, creative, intuitive, and purposeful thinking is the result.

Chuck believes a Labyrinth experience is the easiest and most successful form of meditation. He shares his knowledge and techniques for getting the most out of a labyrinth experience with anyone wanting better health and greater happiness. Download and print a finger labyrinth with instructions for use at home. Bring your finger labyrinth to the Virtual Labyrinth walk during the Festival and experience the power of this simple meditation.

Download your labyrinths and instructions from Chuck. Click this link