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Day 1 – Sunday March 21

6.30pm Mark Youngblood – Resentment Release Technique
7.30pm Richard Smith – Spiritual Principles of the Infinite Filmmaker
8.30pm Dr Tom Garcia –  Opening Fire Ceremony

Day 2 – Monday March 22

6.00pm Amber J Lawson – Goddess Transformation
7.00pm Joan Rosenberg – Reset your Confidence
8.00pm Chuck Hunner – Virtual Labyrinth Experience

Day 3 – Tuesday March 23

6.00pm Debora Wayne – High Speed Healing
8.00pm Amber J Lawson – Trance Dance
9.00pm Eric Walrabenstein – Real Yoga for Your Real Life

Day 4 – Wednesday March 24

6.00pm Jennifer Love – Money Therapy
7.00pm Hans Wilhelm – Laws of Karma
8.00pm Lee Richter – Gratitude Circle
9.00pm Tim Ringgold – Reach For Music! Using Music to Destress

Day 5 – Thursday March 25

6.00pm Mary Beth Kauffman Mittleman – Health From the Inside Out 7.00pm Francie Griffin – Spirit Guide Artist
8.00pm Greg Sheehy – Psychic Medium LIVE

Day 6 – Friday March 26

7.00pm Nathan Oxenfeld – Eyesight to Insight
8.00pm Matthew Jaidev Duplessie – Sound Healing

Day 7 – Saturday March 27

6.00pm Leanne Carius – Reset your Home with Feng Shui
7.00pm Sonia Godfrey – Astral Travel Experience
9.00pm Greg Sheehy – Medical Intuitive LIVE Readings

Day 8 – Sunday March 28

6.00pm Matthew Jaidev Duplessie – Manifestation
7.00pm Allan Herring – Healing Demonstration
7.30pm Matthew Jaidev Duplessie – Chanting
8.30pm Laura Saltman – Chakra Balancing

Day 9 – Monday March 29

6.00pm Laurel Latto – Angel in your Home – DonnaBella’s Angels
7.00pm Rebecca Eldredge – Compassion in Action
8.00pm Kati Scofield – Reset Meditation Workshop

Day 10 – Tuesday March 30

7.00pm Allan & Gayle Herring – Healing Workshop
8.00pm Jan Gibson – Psychic Wisdom LIVE Readings
9.00pm Tom Garcia – Closing Fire Ceremony