body mind spirit festival

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Welcome to the Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival

This is your  Opportunity to Press the Reset Button ON LIFE

Pave your path to health, wealth & happiness in just 10 days by using this Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival to slide confidently into a future you love

What to Expect

  • Fire Ceremonies

  • Spirit Guide Drawings

  • Money Mindset

  • Gratitude Circles

  • Energy Healing

  • Psychic Readings

  • Sound Healing

  • Labyrinth Walk

  • Astral Travel

  • Angel Guidance, and much more


Are you ready to festival?

What this Festival offers:

be inspired

New Inspiration

fun festival

Fun Times Together


Your Life Reset

Press the reset button and soar towards your dreams

Discover your Path to a Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Future

It’s time to press the reset button on life and develop the tools you know you need to create a really amazing future.

After the storm, there is always clarity and sunshine and 2020 gave us a truly epic storm.


Virtual mind body spirit festival
virtual mind body spirit festival

March 21-30, 2021

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This Festival is fun, energetic & Inspirational!

We Guarantee a PARTICIPATION Event!

Every performer has specifically designed their presentation for you to take part.  No sitting on the sidelines here (unless you really want to). Even though you’re at home, you’re encouraged to participate. Both in the Zoom Rooms and in the Facebook Group.

Look at all of these…

Spirit Guide Drawings
Abundance & Mindset Training
Shaman Rituals
Virtual Labyrinth
Meditation Classes
Movement Workshops
Energy Healing
Spiritual Wisdom & Guidance
Psychic Readings
Sound Healing
Angel Guidance
Gratitude Circles
mind body spirit festival

Plus Fire Ceremony, Music, Games, and Bonuses!

Your Gift from Nearly 30 Expert Presenters and Performers

Everything you’ve learned has brought you to where you are right now.

You’re now standing at a fork in the road of life and it offers 2 choices.

1. Go back to where you were before or

2. Gather new tools to soar towards your dreams.

  It’s your choice!

And to make that choice easier, we’re bringing together experts from all over the world to introduce you to a new beginning, a new way of living. Are you ready to embrace the transformation?

FREE Registration

Normally $198

Special Bonus!
Pre-Festival Solstice Meditation
March 20

Deva Premal & Miten Virtual Mind Body Spirit Festival

Deva Premal & Miten
Solstice Meditation
Streamed LIVE from Cost Rica

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